AVG Antivirus New Privacy Policy Can Sell Browsing History To Advertisers

AVG Antivirus New Privacy Policy Can Sell Browsing History To Advertisers

There are many who are of the opinion that browsing on the internet and the search history that you do on your computers or smartphones or laptops are absolutely safe in the hands of the antivirus companies. But, this is not true and you need to have a rethink on this.

AVG Antivirus software has updated its privacy policy and this internet security firm has said in this new amended document that it can make money by offering the non personal data of its users to advertisers. This means that your internet browsing history and the searches that you make on the internet are at the mercy of the AVG antivirus company. They have every right to sell this information to their advertising clients to make money.

The apps that you use, the brand of your device and the language info can be shared by the AVG company to advertisers for money. The company has confirmed that it does not sell anything that contains personal information to advertisers. The data that is collected by the antivirus software is anonymized and stacked safely so that nothing can link it back to you.

The new update policy of AVG says that it can use your cookies to keep track of your internet searches and the activities that you do on a website. All these details that it has gathered can be used to build anonymous data profiles that it can sell to advertisers to earn revenue.

A spokesperson of AVG said that it has indeed made amendments to its privacy policy and also wanted to make its language more transparent to its users. It also wanted to inform the users that the company can make money by selling off its free products that it has stored anonymously about its users to make money.

The new updated rules will come into effect from October 15, 2015. If you continue to use AVG software on your computer or laptops or smartphones, then it means that you have agreed to the anonymous collection that AVG is talking about in the new privacy policy.

If users of AVG do not want the company to make use of their non personal data to make revenue, then they will also be able to turn it off. You need to opt out of this new privacy policy if you do not want to compromise your non personal data to the company.




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