Audi On Demand Service In Beta Mode In San Francisco

Audi On Demand Service In Beta Mode In San Francisco

Audi is looking to eat into the space that car rental service like Uber and other popular cab companies are enjoying in America. The all new Audi on demand service is currently in its beta mode in San Francisco. People who like to travel in a luxury car for a few hours can avail the Audi on demand service.

All one needs to do is to swipe their iPhone for a few times on the Audi on demand app and the Audi car will show up. You have a wide variety of Audi cars on choices through the Audi on demand service, right from A4s to an RS7. Even you can avail the new TT car. All this is made available on a two hour notice. You will have to download the free Audi on demand app to avail this service.

You just need to sign up with your credit card and open an account on the app. You can then avail an Audi car for rent for a week or a day or even for a month, depending on your need. The app offered by Audi is very easy to use. You just need to choose the pickup dates and the time for the Audi rental on the app. Once done, you need to pick any one of the Audi cars, from small sedans to luxury supercars. Each car comes at varying rentals, depending on the model.

The Audi A4 is offered at $155 a day plus the fees. The R8 is the most expensive Audi car that you can avail through the Audi on demand service and it is priced at $1,195 for the coupe and $1,285 for the Spyder. Audi also has said that the cars that you are shown in the app are the cars that you will get when you hire a rental Audi. The engine configuration, trim and color will be the same as that you see in the pictures posted in the app.

Once you choose the car, you will need to opt for the delivery and the return modes and also give details of picking the car from the Audi garage in San Francisco or at any location or even a private parking spot. You can avail the Audi on demand service 24 x 7. The service at present is limited to Bay Area only. You can avail the first rental service with concierge delivery where you get to know all features and details of the car from an employee.

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