Apples Leases 770,000 Sq.Ft of Land For Second Spaceship Campus

Apples Leases 770,000 Sq.Ft of Land For Second Spaceship Campus

Apple headquarters is based in Cupertino and is a really attractive campus that has a double helix shaped structure that replicates the DNA. There is every possibility for this structure to be only etched in your memory as Apple has now leased another property in Sunnyvale in California.

Apple Inc., the Cupertino giant, is all set to sign the dotted papers for a new land deal in Sunnyvale where it will be coming out with its second spaceship campus over 777,000 square feet of land. The new land is situated near the Central Expressway and Silicon Valley’s Wolfe road. The land that we are talking about will be bought by Apple Inc. from Land bank Investments, LLC. There are not many details let out right about what is the intention behind Apple leasing this land and what it plans to develop here.

The new Cupertino spaceship campus that the company is developing is just 5 miles away from the new plot that the company has leased. There are rumors that the new structure will be having three buildings. These three buildings will be connected by a courtyard at the center. The new building will be covered with a curvilinear glass. This building will be the first of its kind in Sunnyvale.

Apple Inc. has been on a real estate buying spree of late and has shown its interests in locations like Oregon, San Jose, Monterey and Reno. The massive expansion in real estate’s by Apple indicates that it is looking to stretch out of the Cupertino area and to reach to more people in America. There is no clear indication as to what projects will be coming out in the new real estate’s that it has bought.

The new spaceship campus is currently under construction and Apple is looking to come out with more bases. The 2nd spaceship campus was the vision of late Steve Jobs and will be having a spaceship look. The glass for the campus will be imported from Germany and it is expected that the 2nd campus construction will be completed by the end of 2016.

The Sunnyvale lad that Apple Inc. is acquiring joins the list of properties that the company owns or has leased out. There is a chance for the new autonomous Apple car project tentatively named Titan to be housed on this property. There is no doubt that this would be a perfect place to develop the Apple Car with the 3,000 strong workforces.

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