Apple Wants Apple TV Games To Work On Siri Remote

Apple Wants Apple TV Games To Work On Siri Remote

The newest version of the Apple TV has launched and all game developers who want their game to feature on Apple TV must come with a version that is playable using the Siri Remote’s touchpad. Apple TV will now support third party game controllers so that you get iOS styling game in your living room, All the game versions that are to be offered on Apple TV must support the touchpad enabled Siri remote so that it works on Apple TV.

The Siri Remote will need all the game developers to support the touchpad that will be offering tapping and swiping gestures. It is important for Apple to make all games on its new Apple TV to be accessible by all users, the design of the game to support the Siri remote will mean that complicated games that need more input buttons will not be playable on the Apple TV without the Siri remote.

Apple had earlier done something similar by adding game controller specifications to the then latest iOS7 in 2013. Many of the third party game developers for Apple created different MFi controllers to support the iOS7 so that the users can play the iOS games. Apple is also looking to bring out the Steel Series Nimbus controller on its website along with the new Apple TV.

These controllers will have four buttons just like the ones that you commonly see on an Xbox controller along with a directional pa and shoulder buttons. It can also include two analog sticks. This gives the game players more options when playing the game like tapping, w=swinging and dragging to play the game even better. The new A8 chip used in the Apple TV supports high quality game titles, those that cannot be played without the use of extra buttons and touch controls.

The new feature will make huge changes to the kinds of game developers that are able to make games work feasibly on Apple TV. The Siri remote is very much capable of offering users a great deal of game control than the one that it is replacing. But, still the Siri remote is not an ideal game controller.

There are a few notable game apps like Guitar Hero that will not work on the Siri remote. There is a possibility of Apple striking a deal with Activision to bring out games. But, this will not help other game developers who have already started to develop games with third party controllers in mind.


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