Apple Meets California DMV Officials To Discuss Driverless Cars

Apple Meets California DMV Officials To Discuss Driverless Cars

There is no doubt that Apple has something in mind and is planning to have their hands laid on cars. Be it the idea of bringing out an electric-powered Apple iCar driven by a robot or a fancy dashboard software, it looks like Apple is quite serious about the driverless cars.

The tech giant Apple cannot keep any of their secrets safely. There are reports coming through that Apple has met with the California Department of Motor Vehicles in August to carry out discussions on the plans of the company for an autonomous or self driven car. This information was leaked by some unknown government official to the media.

There has not been an announcement made from Apple’s side about its plans to come out with a driverless car, in spite reports doing rounds on the intent last year that Apple is secretly working on a self driven car. For this disclosure, there have been lots of baseless rumors and breaking news going on and off the media about the Apple robot iCar and also its possible name, Titan.

There are reports of Apple team meeting up with the California DMV officials at the GoMentum Station. Apple wanted to get permission from the officials to use the station to test the autonomous vehicles. This GoMentum Station is publicly owned one. The access to this former military base is not allowed and needs permission. This meeting between Apple and the DMV officials is said to have taken place in August.

The Silicon Valley has now turned out to be the hot spot for self driving car technology and it is not Detroit, the automobile capital of America. This is because there are many tech companies and around the area. Google has been working in the self driving car field since 2009 and now Apple, Uber and Tesla have joined the fray.

There are even rumors that Apple could come out with its own private car testing facility as the company has enough money to invest in a facility, if it has dreams of coming out with self driving cars. But, as cars have to be tested in real driving conditions to see how good it is, Apple has denied to seek the help of California DMV officials to find out the solution on how to use the roads for testing.

The regulations that California DMV comes out with could be used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for federal regulations on self driving cars.


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