Apple Looking To Launch Its Electric Car In 2019

Apple Looking To Launch Its Electric Car In 2019

The two tech giants in the United States will be competing against each other in the auto world as well. While Google is getting serious with its driverless cars, now it is time for Apple to hit the headlines. There are reports coming through that Apple has plans to bring out the electric driving car by 2019. Apple is rumored to start shipping of the electric car in 2019.

The Cupertino tech mogul is speeding up its electric car plans after spending more than a year in studying about the feasibility of the project. The electric car from Apple is internally codenamed as Titan.

The project leaders have been given the nod by Apple to forge ahead with its electric car plans and to triple the 600 person electric vehicle team. The strong electric car team will also include self driving experts. There is no plan from Apple’s side to make its first electric vehicle completely autonomous like what Google is planning.

Does this mean that we can expect Apple’s car to be on the roads by the end of this decade? This could seem improbable, but it is not impossible. As soon as Apple completes its prototypes and designs, the vehicle will have to undergo a lot of tests in order to clear the vehicle regulatory tests. The target set by Apple to bring out its electric cars is 2019 and inside sources is still skeptical about achieving this target.

There were rumors last week that the Apple team met with the California Department of Motor Vehicle officials to review the self driving car regulations. The meeting was held on August 17for an hour with driverless car experts at the DMW.

There are a lot of challenges in front of Apple before bringing out the electric car. The company has so far not divulged the details on how it plans to bring out the car or whether it is looking to partner with any auto giant to bring the car into the world. There are also complications on how the car would be sold.

Apple is a company who prefers to sell its products through direct sales and through the Apple stores in the U.S. A group of private auto dealers have sprung up in the last few decades fighting the direct selling automakers legally. The path ahead for Apple in its electric car venture will not be a smooth one.


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