Apple Hiring The Tesla Fired Engineers, Says Elon Musk

Apple Hiring The Tesla Fired Engineers, Says Elon Musk

The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has said that Apple is not a big competitor in the auto space despite reports carried out in the press that Apple is working on self-driving cars. He had quoted that Apple is the “Tesla Graveyard”, where the fired and failed employees of Tesla go to work.

Musk said that he was not worried about apple hiring the fired Tesla employees. He also said that if car engineers do not become Tesla employees then they move on to Apple. He told this news to German paper when he was on a tour to Berlin.

Eon Musk said that he did not take the Apple’s ambitions to enter the auto industry seriously. He also went on to mock about a few of the latest Apple products that was released by the California based company. He added that it is good that Apple is thinking about diversifying its business and investing in the auto sector, but, manufacturing cars is not easy like manufacturing Smart phones or Smart Watches.

Musk’s visit to Germany was not just to comment about Apple and its ambitions, but he had gone there to meet with government officials about the electric and mobility vehicle’s future in Germany. He also added that incentives and other financial aid for the electric vehicles in Germany would be very helpful for Tesla to easily meet its expansion goals.

There were reports even in the press that apple and Tesla would join hands to bring out the best electric cars. But these reports now seem baseless after Musk’s view on Apple and its dream autonomous car project named Project Titan. Musk had earlier praised Apple for its idea to enter into the car market. But after what Musk had said in Germany, it looks like musk had some falling out with Cupertino giant.

Last year Musk said that he had meetings with the Head of Acquisitions of Apple. Though he did not reveal what he has discussed then, it could be that Apple might have wanted to buy Tesla Motors, so that it can get headway into the car market easily.

Despite all these Apple looks to be very much inclined in entering the auto sector and has also hired auto industry veteran Doug Betts for its dream car project. The credibility of the project got enhanced after the reports that Apple was looking to test its car in the Silicon Valley.

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