Apple Car Looks Set To Launch In 2019

Apple Car Looks Set To Launch In 2019

There have been rumors of Apple Car spreading over the internet for quite some time now. There are now reports coming through in the Wall Street Journal that Apple will be coming out with its first electric car in 2019. This car will not be a fully self driven car. The Cupertino tech giant looks to be involved deeply in the electric car and has set its sights on bringing out its first electric car in 2019. The inside sources who have some knowledge about this project has shared this news to the media. Apple, though, has not disclosed its electric car plans as of yet.

The Apple electric car project has been given a name called Project Titan. Apple has given instructions to the leaders involved in the development of the electric car to triple the 600 persons assigned to carrying out with the Apple car task. This report follows Apple’s efforts to hire big time automotive experts in its clan and also hunting for locations to test the autonomous cars.

The 2019 target date looks impossible as of now. This is an ambitious deadline to bring out the Apple electric car, because Apple does not have any prior experience in building a car. But, as it has hired a number of auto experts in autonomous car design, there is a chance for Apple to meet its 2019 deadline.

The 2019 deadline must be a target date for the experts to complete the main features of the electric car and to showcase the product ready car to the public. The car could make it to the showrooms that Apple might appoint by 2020.

The inside sources say that the first car that Apple produces will not a fully autonomous car like what Google has planned for. This means that the Cupertino tech giant has long term plans in the automotive car field and will come out with a self driving car in the future.

One thing that needs a mention here is that Apple has good knowledge about the battery technology as well as the sensors and software needed to rule the modern automobiles. The one thing Apple does not know is the automobile manufacturing. Another hurdle in meeting the 2019 cutoff date is to meet the set regulatory requirements for modern day vehicles. One thing is sure that Apple’s plans to enter into the auto market are not just a speculation or a rumor anymore.


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