Apple Blocks Chinese Access To Its News App

Apple Blocks Chinese Access To Its News App

According to the reports in New York Times, Apple is blocking its News App which is a part of iOS 9 in China. This move is a result of tough media and online rules in China. The foreign companies are finding it difficult to manage the online terms in China.

Apple launched the News App in June 2015 and is presently available to users in the United States. The App is under testing in Australia and Britain. Customers in the United States are able to download the app by using the registered phones in the country.

The users were able to see the news contents even when they travel to other countries. The users have found that the app is not working in China. When the users are trying to get the Apple news feed they are getting an error message, instead of the display of the news articles that they usually receive based on their preference of the media.

The error message displayed stating that the app is unable to refresh the news feed and that your current region doesn’t get news support. However, Apple has declined to make any comment regarding the matter.

According to sources, the Apple News app has never in function in China so that overseas handsets were prevented from using the news App in the country.

China plays an important role in Apple’s business. China is the second largest revenue source for Apple, the first being the United States. In the third quarter this year Apple achieved more than $13 billion sales in Greater China. This will make Apple to take a careful approach while delivering latest news content through its app in China.

According to Beijing rules, censoring the contents delivered to the country is the responsibility of the company involved and this means Apple would have to create a new censorship system for China. The Chinese companies are avoiding sensitive articles by using employees and automated programs. It seems Apple is completely avoiding the situation by disabling the app for users in China.

China government has stringent censorship rules to limit the ability of their citizen’s to share their opinion and information on sensitive subjects. China made its policies stricter by upgrading their internet filtering. Gmail, Twitter and Facebook remain blocked for the Chinese citizens. China’s censorship rules have affected even the game developing companies. The country prohibits the sales and distribution of game titles which promotes violence, gambling, drug use and obscenity.

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