Android TV Gets A New Boost Of Apps

Android TV Gets A New Boost Of Apps

Android TV is Google’s smart TV platform that offers great interactive TV watching experience for its users. There are many tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. who has given a new definition of watching TV. Watching TV programs and series now moves away from paying for the cable and now is turning towards connecting the live streaming media player to the TV set.

Google is a master player in the live media streaming environment as it has two devices, the Android TV and the recently updated Google Chromecast dongles. The Android TV is a larger streaming video platform that has got updated this week. You will now be able to enjoy more apps like Disney, HBO, CBS and others on Android TV.

By adding a host of new quality apps, Android TV is ready to compete with the other big players in the media streaming platform. The new apps that are specifically added to Android TV includes: EPIX, HBO Now, CBS All Access, Disney Movies Anywhere, UFC and WWE. These quality app additions to Android TV make it a big competitor to the likes of Hulu, Apple, Netflix and many more.

With the accumulation of popular app HBO Now, Android TV has even beaten the most popular streaming player, Roku by offering the best that HBO has to offer. HBO Now started exclusively on Apple and now it has moved on to other streaming services like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick and lastly Android TV.

The Android TV already has a huge list of apps and the new additions only boost its app list even more. In June this year, Android TV had more than 600 apps on its service. But, Android TV has not achieved the popularity that Google thought it would.

Android TV is only second best to Google’s other movie streaming service Chromecast dongles. The Chromecast is very easy to use and is quite cheaper. Google has said that it is interested to surge ahead with both the platforms and expects to make them one of the popular media streaming platforms globally.

All popular TV brands like Sharp, Sony, Philips and the new ones like TLC and Hisense, come with inbuilt Android TV software on their smart TV sets. There are many set box manufacturers and pay TV service providers who are now signing up with Android TV to offer the services to their pay TV viewers.

October 3rd, 2015 by