A Bizarre But Brilliant Angle On Camera Technology By Light

A Bizarre But Brilliant Angle On Camera Technology By Light

For those who are interested in advances in camera technology might be interested in what Light has to offer. It has the potential to be the camera for the future or it could simply be tossed aside as one of the several misfit models that have been invented. There are different attempts to redesign the camera and bring about new changes to make it fit for the new century.

There have been several innovations launched like the Kodak V570, which are a dual lens camera that was launched in 2006 as well as the original Light Field device that was Lytro’s offering in 2012. This camera has been given a more traditional makeover this year. It comes with phone attachments as well. This is a two year old startup company that is run by Dave Grannan. He is credited with the speech recognition software that went on to become Siri. He runs this company with Rajiv Laroia who helped develop LTE technology.

The company is now showcasing Light, which is a unique camera which is fitted with innovative features. Today it is being marketed as a computational camera with several apertures. The quality of shots is that of a DSLR, but it can be a pocket device, the size of the camera is such.

The specifications of the camera are worth considering. Its zoom range varies from 35 to 150 mm and its interface is driven by a touchscreen. The LCD screen is about five inches. The HD video and built in Wi-Fi capability of the camera are other wonderful features to look forward to. It can provide raw files of DNG format and it comes with an internal storage of 128 GB. The battery is non removable. It can be charged via a USB connector. The camera is equipped with a headphone and microphone jack.

The size of the camera is not too small as it can fit the pocket of a jacket maybe. It can provide 400 shots when fully charged. The LED light that it provides is the highlight of the camera which can act similar to a strobe light. The price of the camera will probably be in the range of $1300. The aperture and the resolution of the camera gets a little complicated for the unique structure and technology it flaunts. The sixteen camera modules comprise of a lens and a folded lens. Each lens comes with an aperture of f2.4 and can provide a resolution of 13 megapixels.

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