2016 Nissan Leaf To Come With 155 To 160 Mile Range

2016 Nissan Leaf To Come With 155 To 160 Mile Range

This is the time when many of the car manufacturers and consumers are showing keen interest in electric and hybrid cars. Nissan Motors, the leading auto giant in Japan, is looking to cash in on this demand, by bringing out a revamped version of the Nissan Leaf to woo its customers. The New Nissan Leaf EV will be offered with a 27 % increase in the battery range.

Nissan has announced yesterday that it has updated its two train cars, Nissan leaf SV and SL with a 30 kWh battery. The 2015 Nissan leaf used to give only 84 miles on a full battery. The entry level Nissan Leaf 2016 model will be using the same 24kWH battery that was used in 2015 Nissan Leaf model and it will deliver 84 mile rang eon full charge.

The gas prices are making a lot of car buyers to think of going for the electric vehicles. Nissan’s senior manger of sales and marketing, Tony Weeks, says that the gas prices are not just the criterion on which consumers are looking to shift to Nissan EV cars.

The convenience of not having to go to gas stations and the option to charge the car at home and attractive driving range are some of the features that consumers find very useful when going for electric cars.

The reduction in the fuel prices is also taking a toll on the sales of electric vehicles like Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius. Leaf sales has come down by 56% in August when compared to last August sale.

The enhanced version of the 2016 Nisan Leaf will be going on retail for $35,050 that includes the destination charges. The model’s price has increased by about $2,100 from the 2015 version. The SL model price has increased by $1,670 and the 2016 Nissan Leaf EV SL model will be sold at $37,640 that includes the destination costs.

The SV and he SL battery will take at least six hours to attain a full charge if the 6.6kW charger is connected to a 240 volt home socket. The use of new electrodes in the 2016 Leaf battery will boost the durability of the battery. The latest generation NissanConnect touch screen infotainment system forms part of the 2016 Nissan Leaf EV. The cosmetic updates on the Leaf gives it a new lease of life.

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