2016 Microsoft Office Released on 22 Sep 2015

2016 Microsoft Office Released

The global release of Microsoft Office 2016 is today. The Microsoft Office is one of the most preferred software for any business and has been helping in the workflow of many businesses for decades now. There have been new entrants in this field and the most competitive one that Microsoft Office has to face is the Google drive.

The software from Google offers multiple users to edit a file at a given time. Microsoft is looking to bring this feature of Google Drive in the new 2016 Microsoft Office. Microsoft also wants to help users to work together for better productivity in their business. The new Office will offer users to work together on a Word document without changing the information that is used by someone else. At present Microsoft will offer co-authoring for Word and will slowly provide this co-authoring option for other applications.

The new Office online suite will include integration of the popular Skype app from Microsoft that will allow users to instant message, chat through talk or video options and also allow screen sharing. The new Office software will now be an integrated part of Microsoft Outlook 2016 app and also be available for use on smart phones.

The General Manger of Office Apps and Product Marketing of Microsoft, Jared Spataro, said that for the past 30 years, Microsoft has been a tool for ‘me work’ so far and the 2016 Microsoft Office will be a tool that will embrace the concept ‘we work’. 2016 Microsoft Office will be a cloud based service and hence customers will be going to see a totally different Microsoft Office than before.

The new Office is still a software suite that you can install on your computer, even if it is cloud hosted. The function and the look of the Microsoft Office do not undergo any change and will be more or less similar to what you have used before. There is a Tell Me box provided in new Office that you can use to search for a particular in-app function.

Microsoft Office has a tough competitor in Google as Google had announced yesterday that it has 1 million businesses that are actively using the Google drive software to run their business. If you are using a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, then you can download the Microsoft Office update for free from today. If you do not have the Office 365 subscription, then you need to purchase one to get all the new applications.




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