2016 Chevy SS Sedan Has Only Lightest Updates

2016 Chevy SS Sedan Has Only Lightest Updates

The 2016 Chevrolet SS sedan model is just coming out with a few minor updates from its 2015 model. The sedan car is the only LS3 powered sedan car of Aussie descent that is presently available in the U.S soil. The SS sedan is going to be taken off the shelf in a few years time. This is the reason why Chevy just made a few updates to the previous version of the car to bring out the 2016 version.

The Chevrolet’s parent company, General Motors, has allowed for a front face update on the 2016 S full size sedan car. The changes that you will see in the Chevy SS sedan are just cosmetic and no work has been done on the parts under the hood, especially the engine.

The front fascia is where there is maximum facelift offered in the 2016 Chevy SS sedan. The vertical air inlets are offered in the front fascia of SS sedan to make it look more attractive. It also serves the purpose of directing the air flow over the front wheel openings in order to improve the efficiency of the car. The fog lamps and a pair of functional vents in the 2015 SS model are now giving space to the LED lamps in the 2016 model. There will be 19 inch cast aluminum wheels offered in the 2016 model to give it a modern look.

The engine that you will find under the hood of the 2016 SS sedan from Chevy will be the sane 6.2 liter V8 engine offered in the existing version. This engine offers a power output of 415 HP and a torque of 415 pound-feet. A new addition to this engine will be the dual mode exhaust pipe at the rear end that will be quieter at lower speeds and sound angrier at higher revs. The engine will be mated to a six speed manual or a paddle shifted six speed automatic transmission system.

Even though the car has got just a minor update, the SS sedan from Chevy is always intended to be a niche car with the same silhouette. The pricing of the 2016 version of Chevy SS sedan will be coming out at a later date. There are rumors and feelers coming through that there would not be any changes in the price of the 2016 SS sedan and it would be starting at $46,000.





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