2016 BMW M4 GTS To Be First With The Water Injection System

2016 BMW M4 GTS To Be First With The Water Injection System

The new BMW M4 GTS is going to be one of the unique cars that would be playing on the roads once it gets launched. The car will be the most powerful and most agile M4 to be offered from the stable of BMW Motors from Germany.

The luxury German automaker is for the very first time bringing out the water injection system in a road car that will help in enhancing the power and the performance of the BMW M4 by a few knots.

BMW will be just bringing out 700 units of the M4 GTS and out of the 700, The U.S. markets will be getting just 300 units. This car looks absolutely stunning and attractive and every BMW fan will love to own this sort of a car. The BMW M4 GTS car comes with a whopping 493 HP of sheer power and also comes with reduced weight of about 200 pounds when compared to the stock M4.

The BMW M4 GTS will be the first car to come out with the water injection system. This system will help the 3.0 liter, twin turbo, straight six engine to offer increased power of 493 HP and a maximum torque of 442 lb-ft.

The engine under the hood of the M4 GTS is the same that is used to power the standard M4 car. The water injection system helps the car to achieve this high power and torque. The car gets an increase of 68 HP and 36 pound-feet of torque.

Another important feature of the M4 GTS car is the reduced weight of the car. There is decent usage of carbon fiber and aluminum in the entire construction of the M4 and the curb weight of the car is just 3,329 pounds. This is about 200 pounds lower than the curb weight of 3530 pounds of the standard M4 car.

The hood and the drive shaft are made using carbon fiber reinforced plastic and this has helped in cutting down their weight greatly. The performance of the car increases a bit as well with the car speeding from 0 to 60 seconds in just 3.7 seconds.

The interiors of the car also have gone lighter and the center console is where the M4 GTS sheds its weight. The pricing of the car has not yet been revealed by BMW. The car would be coming to the Los Angeles Auto Show later in the year.
Image Credit : BMW

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