Indian Companies Has Invested 150 Million Dollars In United States

Indian companies has invested USD 150 million in the United States. According to a statement released by the organizations the Indian industrial association (CII) and Grant Thornton (GT), 91 thousand people are getting chance to work in United States.

Indian companies those located in New Jersey, California, Texas, New York such companies have the opportunity to work directly with the Americans. The report was released in the program titled “Indian root in American soil” which was held in the capital New Delhi.

91 thousand people have got the opportunity to work for a total of 100 Indian companies. Indian companies are operating in 35 provinces of the United States. These 100 companies are invested USD 150 million in total. 9.278 people by the company in New Jersey, 8.937 people by the company in California has the opportunity to work. The maximum number of people from cities such as Texas (6,230), Illinois (4,799), New York (4,134) have the chance to get placement.

It has been invested for a maximum $38.4 million in Texas city, in Pennsylvania $35.6 million, Minnesota $18 million, 10.1 million dollar in New York and $10 million in New Jersey.

An average of 4.4 million dollars are invested in each province. In addition to the 85 percent of these companies are planning to invest more.

In the next 5 years, 90 percent of these companies has decided to give job opportunity to many local residents which means Americans.

According to the report 40 percent of companies are based on information technology, 14 percent of companies are based on Life science, 14 percent on the manufacturing sector, 4 percent of the companies are based on automobile industry.

Some of the American Parliament members also participated in the program was performed with title “The contributions of Indian companies to the US economy”, which was attended by representatives of the CII and Chief executive officers of those companies.

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