It’s The United Kingdom, Not Saudi! Jewish Sect Bans Women From Driving In London

It also states that, beginning in August, children driven by their mothers will be barred from attending school, according to The Jewish Chronicle. We have already made it clear to our community that they need have no reason for concern.

The group runs Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass, a boys’ primary school, and Beis Malka, a primary school for girls. Both of their main schools have gained “good” ratings from Ofsted.

Morgan condemned the edict, which was first reported by the Jewish Chronicle.

“This is completely unacceptable in modern Britain. Where we are made aware of such breaches we will investigate and take any necessary action to address the situation”, Morgan reportedly said.

Outside the schools on Friday, the Guardian found parents were broadly supportive of the decree.

This policy “disables women”, said one local woman. Our community invest in our way of life and it is our duty to ensure that we provide an education in line with our time-hallowed traditions. And they immediately became the subject of online criticism, with many in the secular media comparing them to Saudi Arabia, one of America’s close allies in the Middle East.

The question of whether women should be allowed to drive is an ongoing debate in various Hasidic communities. No one is unhappy. My wife would not drive, especially when the school is trying to keep it under control.

Orthodox women in upstate New York have also been forbidden to drive.

Growing up, it never dawned on me that driving was a possibility. There’s maybe a few occasions where it would have been more convenient to have a car, but I can not think of many.

The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, which has a chapter in London, is not particularly impressed with the argument that no driving equals modesty.

Another Belz woman said: “I do not drive, because I want to be part of this community”.

However they claim to have no objection to non-Belz women driving and don’t ‘disrespect them or the decisions they make’.

“It is part of a bigger conversation about extremism”, she told The Independent. “If you ask me why exactly there is a ban, I’m not sure”, Judith said.

Commenting on the reports, National Secular Society campaigns manager, Stephen Evans, said: “We trust the DfE will ensure that no child is ostracised or has their education disrupted on the basis of a misogynistic diktat handed down by religious leaders”.

He added: “There are lots of schools in Stamford Hill”.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews distanced itself from the decree, saying the letter was from a marginal and unaffiliated group. No woman in my family or neighborhood ever did. It is equally true that a fair number of women do drive cars openly and entirely unhindered. She got her license at 23, after she left the community.

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