FanSided: Hawks radio guy calls Dellavedova “Tonya Harding”

“There was some hope that surgery may not be required”, coach Mike Budenholzer told reporters after the Hawks were swept 4-0 by the Cavaliers.

The coach, David Blatt, was being a little sarcastic. “I play to exhaustion”. When Korver dunked for the first time in two years, it was easy to think, “Hey, maybe P3 worked!” I wouldn’t have felt right about the situation. Horford did not kick him, but instead used something he picked up from watching WWE fights, landing on Dellavedova with an elbow, getting thrown out of the game. (And it was a heck of a regular season.) But I’m disappointed in the Hawks, who ought to be disappointed in themselves.

We can say the Hawks were injured, and they were. ” “That”™s the beauty of our offense,” Korver had said. But the image that will endure from the 34-year-old’s breakout season-something even more indelible than the weirdness of a player enjoying a NBA breakthrough in his mid-thirties-will be of two shoulders square to the basket, legs shoulder-width apart, a basketball spinning off his fingertips as defenders lurch at his chest in futile exhaustion.

Matthew Dellavedova, starting for Irving, and J.R. Smith added 17 points apiece for Cleveland. Beyond the 82nd game, there’s only one opponent to scout. A similar incident had occurred with Chicago’s Taj Gibson in the East semifinals.

If Korver misses six months, he’d miss part of next season. “Shouldn’t have gotten caught up in that and it’s something I’ll definitely learn from”.

While Horford believes Dellavedova’s track record speaks for itself, LeBron James was adamant that his teammate is not a dirty player. After all, he was the one who accidentally injured Korver in Game 2. I see you baby! “We’re not trying to get people hurt”. If Korver’s successes were inextricably tied to his work ethic, so too were his failures. He beats the odds and he comes to play as hard as he can every single night.

“” “The worst thing about the Hawks in postseason wasn”™t that they didn”™t play very well; it was that they didn”™t always play with maximum effort. Since Jan. 19, the Cavs are 25-2 at home.

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