Cullerton blasts Gov. Rauner for impending negative ad blitz

Lawmakers passed a budget but the state is at least $4 billion short to pay for it and Gov. Bruce Rauner, (R) Illinois, says he won’t sign an unfunded budget.

And that baseline difference seems to set the theme for remainder of the arguments and the volley of blame for the stalled session. “Its middle class workers lose and corporate CEO’s win”. “They are for the political class”, Rauner said of Democrats.

The Democrats who control the Illinois House of Representatives, however, do not seem to have a plan to get our state out of the financial mess they created. Rauner, in his May 31 press conference, said Madigan makes his money off “big, expensive government”.

The governor has come along and said in addition to working on the elimination of the budget deficit, he wants to bring non-budget issues before the General Assembly.

Heated rhetoric by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate in the waning hours of the spring legislative session could foreshadow a tough budget battle that extends beyond the July 1 start of fiscal 2016.

Republican Senate leader Christine Radogno says it’s Democrats who have “turned their backs” on compromise.

With Democrats dismissing Rauner’s agenda as favoring CEOs over workers and refusing to link discussion of it to budget negotiations, the standoff amounts to a war of words right now.

My father taught me at a young age that to achieve a goal or to solve a problem you need to “plan your work, and then work your plan”.

Lawmakers will return to Springfield as soon as Thursday, when the House reconvenes. The governor said he would continue to negotiate in good faith with them, but both the Speaker and the President have been vocal that such criticism won’t help reach a compromise.

Radogno says Senate Republicans do not plan to run any ads.

“I’m not going to speculate about actions on those issues in the future”, he said.

From here, it only gets tougher.

Rauner has threatened to tap his $30 million-plus campaign warchest to begin running television ads designed to pressure Democrats to back his reforms.

And while the May deadline may be gone, the session is not actually over.

“The legislature approved all three of these bills with bipartisan majorities, meaning that in Illinois there is no party label attached to advancing the ability of LGBT Illinoisans to live equal and meaningful lives, which should be a consideration when Gov. Rauner sits down to review these measures”, said Bernard Cherkasov, CEO of Equality Illinois. President John Cullerton said, “When I emerged from that meeting I restated my commitment to work with the governor on compromises that will move this state forward”. When announcing the summer schedule as a continuous session, House Speaker Madigan told lawmakers to not expect per diem or travel reimbursements.



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