German politician casts doubt on United Kingdom timetable for EU change

He said: “The British people are fed-up to the back teeth with Eurocrats telling us what we want, what is good for us, how to run our businesses and how we organize our society”.

“We are a minority in values and we have to close our ranks stay together and defend our values that are under attack”. Well he would, wouldn’t he? “Mr. Cameron wants to have a level playing field for companies but no level playing field for people. However, as someone who regularly talks with David Cameron, he does seem to have some insight into the Prime Minister’s mind”.

Mr. Juncker told German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung: “Brexit is also a question that doesn’t arise, it is not what the British are seeking”.

The British leader is due to set out his proposals in more detail at a meeting of EU leaders on June 25-26, but has been clear that changes to EU migrants’ access to welfare payments in Britain will be key. “Then we will take a look at it dispassionately”.

Mr. Cameron has repeatedly clashed with Mr. Juncker over the issue of EU reform after the Prime Minister attempted to block his appointment as commission president previous year.

But he said: “I can’t see treaty change as a realistic option within the course of two years”.

“Free movement doesn’t only include the right to travel but it includes being treated in same way under the validity of social rights, to be treated in the same way national workers are”, Roettgen told reporters at the German Ambassador’s London residence on Monday. However, German officials have said there is tiny appetite now for a major reworking of EU rules in other European capitals.

“He has been told that he has to go the full distance if he is going to get the sort of deal the party and the public will accept”, said a Cabinet minister. It’s not about euro governance, it’s not about immigration but it is about a problem within the Tory party which couldn’t be resolved within the party. But treaty change is a huge political venture – and Roettgen says he doesn’t “see the atmosphere for treaty change among the 27 other EU states”. “If you treat both equal – it is a question of equality, not of the system per se, but of equal treatment”, he said.

He visited Berlin on Friday to meet Merkel who promised to work with him to clinch a reform deal.

“The Brits have spent far too long, in my view, of thinking of the EU as something that is done to them by people over there who are big and powerful and we are really insignificant”.



German politician casts doubt on United Kingdom timetable for EU change

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