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Barack Obama Need Supporters To Lobby For Iran Deal

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama spoke to his supporters to be more dynamic and “get noisy” in pushing Congress to endorse the Iran nuclear deal, amid a 20-moment telephone call on Thursday.

“At this moment the rivals of this deal have been flooding Congressional workplaces,” Obama said on a call with gatherings including the Washington-based research organization Center for American Progress.

Groups who restricted the deal, for example, American Israel Public Affairs Committee known as AIPAC, have burned through $20 million in TV advertisements to put weight on individuals from Congress, Obama said.

“They begin getting squishy because they’re feeling the political warmth,” Obama said of individuals from Congress he has met with as of late.

Obama did not thank the gatherings for any of their bolster as such, yet rather constrained them to venture up their endeavors.

He attracted examinations to the lead up to the Iraq war, noticing that gatherings who contradicted it were not vocal until it was past the point of no return.

“Without your voices, you are going to see the same cluster of voices that got us into the Iraq war, prompting a circumstance in which we swear off a notable open door and we are back on the way of potential military clash,” Obama said.

In the event that maintained, the deal is sure to shape Obama’s legacy as he gets ready to leave office. He said he has never been more sure of an arrangement choice.

Congress is as of now investigating the deal that the United States and other world forces arranged with Iran to confine its nuclear capacities in return for a help of approvals.

Rivals of the deal inquiry whether it goes sufficiently far to guarantee Iran does not add to a nuclear weapon.

Congress has until Sept. 17 to endorse or reject the assention. Obama has said he would veto any enactment that undermines the deal, however Congress could override his veto with enough votes.

Four Democratic agents voiced their backing for the deal on Thursday, including Senate competitor Chris Van Hollen and Dan Kildee, who speaks to the region of Amir Hekmati, who is being held in Iran.

The White House said its supporters so far have added to 70,704 messages and 63,862 calls to individuals from Congress, asking them to not dismiss the deal.

The White House did not give a rundown of the considerable number of gatherings on the call.

Obama’s Solid Words Are Too Late: Kenyan President

Barack Obama

Uhuru Kenyatta – the Kenyan President, for the most part abounds at any feedback of his administration from the West. Since taking office in March 2013 — opposing calls from Washington and London not to challenge the administration in light of the fact that he was confronting charges at the universal criminal court at the time — he has extended ties with China while dispatching logical assaults on what he calls Western “royal exploiter(s)”.

Yet Barack Obama, who came to Kenya a week ago with solid words on the need to fight debasement, engage ladies, regard gay rights and drop obsolete practices, for example, female genital mutilation, was dealt with distinctly in an unexpected way. His plain talk of the issues that bother the nation would usually have drawn a threatening gathering from the administration and its supporters. Rather, his location to the country at a games stadium on Sunday has been met with just spouting acclaim from expansive segments of people in general and media.

There are numerous reasons why the U.S. President could remarkably escape with the strident message he offered on the issues that keep the mainland down. He is, obviously, seen as a “child of the dirt”, the offspring of a Kenyan father whose astounding rising to the administration has enraptured numerous on the landmass. There are not very numerous spots on the planet he will visit and discover such a large number of youngsters named Barack Obama.

Past this individual association, there is the subject of tone. Mr. Obama was mindful so as to introduction his feedback by clarifying that he talked from a position of dissatisfaction at the unrealised capability of sub-Saharan Africa, an area that has been relentlessly outpaced by nations, for example, Singapore, which won freedom at generally the same time as Kenya.

Yet the way that Mr. Obama has just truly drawn in the mainland in these straight to the point terms towards the end of his time in office on what is obviously a goodbye visit is a wellspring of disappointment. The domineering jerk podium that is the U.S. administration, particularly during an era when it is involved by a man of African drop, would have been a capable gathering to attempt to bump African pioneers in the right course. Rather, particularly in his first term, Mr. Obama was generally withdrawn from Africa, in spite of the fact that that could have had something to do with not having any desire to offer additional oxygen to the birther development.

Maybe what the Obama excursion may have offered most importantly else is a sign of the conceivable needs the President could seek after when he leaves office. His huge individual prominence, showed by the energetic offers of U.S. banners in Kenya for the last fortnight, implies that an Obama discharged from the weights of office could be a capable — and successful — campaigner for change on the mainland of his dad’s birthplace to the world when he reached white house.

Barack Obama Order World’s Fastest Computer

Barack Obama

President Obama has approved an official request requiring the US to design the world’s fastest computer by 2025.

The supercomputer will be 20 times faster than the present driving machine, which is in China.

It would be equipped for making one quintillion (a billion) computations every second – a figure which is known as one exaflop.

A body called the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) will be set up to research and fabricate the computer.

The US is looking for the new supercomputer, fundamentally quicker than today’s models, to perform complex reenactments, help exploratory examination and national security ventures.

It is trusted the machine would help to dissect climate information for more exact conjectures or help with disease analyze by examining X-beam pictures.

A blog entry on the White House site likewise proposes it could permit NASA researchers to model turbulence, which may empower the configuration of more streamlined air ship without the requirement for broad wind passage testing.

Such a computer would be called an exascale machine.

Greater models

Richard Kenway at the University of Edinburgh says he supposes the arrangement is “right on target” as far as methodology, uniting both the desire to grow new equipment furthermore enhanced investigation of huge information.

He clarified the computer could help the advancement of customized prescriptions, custom-made to particular people.

“Today, medications are intended for the normal human and they work OK for a few individuals however not others,” he told the BBC.

“The genuine test in accuracy medication is to move from outlining normal medications to planning medications for the individual in light of the fact that you can know their genome and their way of life.”

There could likewise be advantages in long haul atmosphere demonstrating, as indicated by Mark Parsons at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center (EPCC).

Right now, atmosphere researchers endeavor to demonstrate how the Earth’s atmosphere will develop in advancing years, however the exactness of these expectations is extremely restricted.

Today’s speediest supercomputer, the Tianhe-2 in China’s National Computer Center, Guangzhou, performs at 33.86 petaflops (quadrillions of estimations every second), twice as quick as the second-fastest machine, which is American.

For Parsons, the most recent US activity is an unmistakable endeavor to challenge the strength of the Chinese in this field.

“The US has woken up to the way that on the off chance that it needs to stay in the race it will need to contribute,” he told the BBC.

£60m power bill

Both Kenway and Parsons call attention to that the difficulties of building an exascale computer are not unimportant and would oblige years of innovative work.

Boss among the obstructions, as per Parsons, is the need to make computer parts a great deal more power productive. And still, at the end of the day, the power requests would be gigantic.

“I’d say they’re focusing around 60 megawatts, I can’t envision they’ll get underneath that,” he remarked. “That is in any event £60m a year just on your power bill.”

Endeavors to build an exascale computer are not by any stretch of the imagination new.

As of late, IBM, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) and the University of Groningen declared arrangements to manufacture one to investigate information from the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope venture.

SKA will be implicit Australia and South Africa by the mid 2020

“A Supporter for Stronger India-US Ties” Says Obama on Kalam

Barack Obama

The US President Barack Obama has mourned the demise of former president APJ Abdul Kalam by describing him as a supporter for stronger US-India relations, and who attempted to develop the two countries’ space participation.

“A scientist and statesman, Kalam rose from humble beginnings to turn into one of India’s most accomplished leaders, gaining esteem at home and abroad,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Expanding his “deepest condolences to the people of India” for the benefit of the American people, Mr. Obama noticed Kalam’s “residency as India’s eleventh president witnessed extraordinary development in U.S.- India ties”.

“A supporter for stronger U.S.- India relations, Kalam attempted to develop our space collaboration, producing links with NASA amid a 1962 visit to the United States,” he said.

“Suitably named as the People’s President, his lowliness and commitment to open service served as an inspiration to millions of Indians and admirers around the globe.”

In the mean time, the US media highlighted his part in propelling India’s atomic, space and missile programs.

The persuasive New York Times in an obit said Kalam’s “part in propelling India’s atomic programs made him one of his nation’s most cherished figures”.

“Kalam’s superstar could be followed to 1998, when India exploded five atomic devices in the northwestern desert, to widespread worldwide judgment,” it said.

“Described at the time as an ‘impish, shaggy-haired lone wolf’ of 66, he was a standout amongst the most extravagant boosters of the nation’s atomic system,” the Times said.

“Kalam spent a little time outside India. For him, it was a state of pride that India had added to its bomb without much assistance from outside powers. What’s more, he described himself as completely Indian,” the Times said.

“I am totally indigenous!” he told the newspaper in 1998, it reviewed.

Time magazine described Kalam as “one of India’s most eminent scientific geniuses who served as the country’s eleventh president”.

Kalam, it reviewed read a clock in a 1998 meeting that he added to an early fascination with flight while experiencing childhood with the south Indian isle of Rameswaram.

“At that point there were a great deal of birds on the island,” he was cited as saying, “and I used to watch their excellent flight paths. That got me interested in aeronautics.”

The Washington Post noted Kalam was “a scientist who was known as the father of the nation’s military missile program”.

“He assumed a critical part when India tested its atomic weapons in 1998,” the Post said noticing, “The test resulted in sanctions against the nation yet helped hoist Kalam’s to the status of people saint in his nation.”

Several Indian-American organizations have also offered condolences on the demise of “India’s missile man”.

The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) said alongside the Indian-American group it mourns the “loss of our darling and famous scientist” who “was a vital good example for the youthful and passionate of India.

Obama Holds Talks On Human Rights In Ethiopia

Barack Obama

On Monday, U.S. President Barack Obama, takes an interest in a reciprocal meeting with Ethiopian Prime Minister at the National Palace function, in Addis Ababa. Barack Obama is the first U.S. president to visit country Ethiopia.

Later Monday, Mr. Obama was to assemble a meeting of African pioneers on the circumstance in South Sudan

President Barack Obama clustered with Ethiopia’s pioneers on Monday for talks on counterterrorism, human rights and territorial security issues, incorporating the emergency in neighboring South Sudan.

Mr. Obama’s visit denote the first visit by a sitting U.S. president to Ethiopia. He landed at the National Palace in the capital of Addis Ababa for a reciprocal meeting with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, trailed by a joint news gathering.

Later Monday, Mr. Obama was to gather a meeting of African pioneers on the circumstance in South Sudan. The world’s most current country has been grasped by common war for a considerable length of time, prodded by a contention between warring groups in the administration.

South Sudan is confronting an August 17 due date to acknowledge a peace and force sharing understanding, however U.S. authorities say they’re cynical an arrangement will be come to. Mr. Obama’s meeting with provincial pioneers is pointed to some extent at considering a global reaction if the due date goes without an arrangement.

Mr. Obama touched base in Ethiopia on Sunday night after a stop in Kenya, his late father’s country.

Like Kenya, Ethiopia has a quickly developing economy however confronts challenges from the al-Shabab terrorist danger based over the fringe in Somalia. Ethiopia has banded together with the U.S. in the battle against terrorism, offering knowledge to American authorities and sending troops into Somalia to address shakiness there.

“It undermines a considerable measure of the presidential objectives about great administration on the mainland,” said Sarah Margon, Washington executive of Human Rights Watch. “From multiple points of view, I get it’s a prize. Ethiopia as of now doesn’t merit that.”

In front of Mr. Obama’s entry, the Ethiopian government discharged a few columnists and bloggers it had been holding subsequent to April 2014 on charges of instigation and terrorism. Numerous others stay in confinement.

White House delegate national security consultant Ben Rhodes safeguarded Mr. Obama’s outing, saying the stop is not a seal of support and that the two administrations share an expansive arrangement of hobbies. He said Mr. Obama would not bashful far from raising contrasts of sentiment, including human rights.

Another unstable subject for their exchanges would be gay rights, which Mr. Obama championed while in Kenya.

Obama’s Visit To Kenya Is Similar To All His African Policy

Barack Obama

Ahead of Barack Obama’s official visit this week, Adekeye Adebajo says president Obama has done little to right America’s methodology towards his hereditary home.

Barack Obama is making a beeline for Kenya this week, his first visit to his hereditary home amid his administration. However, taking a stab at the last part of his second term, the excursion is a definitive show of the typical, instead of substantive, approach that has described Obama’s engagement with Africa.

The president Obama plainly relates to the mainland, as is apparent from his adventure of self-disclosure to Kenya as a 26-year-old. As he clarified in his exquisite journal composed as he propelled his political vocation in 1995: “The agony I felt was my dad’s torment. My inquiries were my siblings’ inquiries. Their battle, my claim.”

In any case, in the same way as other African Americans, Obama had a to some degree romanticized perspective of Africa, taking note of that the landmass “had turn into a thought more than a genuine spot, another guaranteed area, brimming with antiquated conventions and clearing vistas, honorable battles and talking drums”.

Amid that first outing to Kenya in 1988, Obama appeared to need to wear the robes of an African personality. In his book he describes how he appreciated the lavish accommodation and warmth of his vast more distant family; got expresses in the Kenyan dialect Luo; rode in matatus – taxis ; ate ugali and goat curry (corn feast); and went on safari. He likewise clarifies how he was presented to the defilement and ethnic strains of the nation’s governmental issues, and was horrified by the noxious financial effect of British imperialism on Kenya.

When he visited again in 2006, this time as a US representative, he was gotten like a stone star. His judgment of human rights misuse and debasement in Africa was broadly acclaimed.

When he was chosen as the first dark US president in 2008, a rush of “Obamamania” again cleared the mainland. He visited Egypt and Ghana in 2009 to call for democratization in Africa and the Middle East, noticing that Washington would bolster “solid organizations and not strongmen”. In any case, when Obama visited South Africa, Tanzania and Senegal in 2013, the fantasy had worn off, and the unreasonable desire that the US president would change American policy towards Africa had not even verge on being satisfied.

More positively, Obama has continued the generous funding of Aids programmes in Africa, increasing the number of people receiving treatment from 1.7 million in 2008 to 6.7 million by 2013, according to figures released by the White House.

President Barack Obama Strongly Defends Iran Nuclear Deal

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama propelled a forceful and gritty resistance of a point of interest Iranian nuclear deal, dismissing the thought that it leaves Tehran on the verge of a bomb and contending the main different option for the strategic deal is war.

The president vigorously tested his faultfinders amid an extensive White House news gathering on Wednesday, a day after Iran, the U.S. also, five other world forces concluded a noteworthy, years long agreement to check Tehran’s nuclear program in return for billions of dollars in approvals alleviation. Resistance to the deal has been savage, both in Washington and Israel. Sunni Arab opponents of Shiite Iran likewise express concerns.

“Either the issue of Iran getting a nuclear weapon is determined carefully through an arrangement or it’s determined through power, through war,” Obama said. “Those are the choices.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, maybe the fiercest commentator of Obama’s suggestions to Iran, gave no hint he could be induced to try and endure the agreement.

In Congress, resistance comes from Republicans, as well as Obama’s own Democratic Party. VP Joe Biden spent the morning on Capitol Hill meeting secretly with House Democrats, and wanted to return Thursday to make a comparable pitch to Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The president said he respected a “robust” level headed discussion with Congress, yet demonstrated little persistence for what he give a role as politically spurred resistance. Administrators can’t hinder the nuclear deal, however they can attempt to undermine it by demanding U.S. authorizations stay set up.

In Tehran, Iranians took to the lanes to commend the agreement, and even Iran’s hard—liners offered just mellow feedback a long ways from the candid restriction that the White House had dreaded.Barack Obama

Obama said the deal ought to be judged exclusively on whether it prevents Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. In respect to whether the agreement may change Iran’s other conduct, he said, “We’re not wagering on it.”

The president additionally pointedly rebuked a proposal that he was substance to let American prisoners mull in Iran while he praised a deal. “That is gibberish,” he said, including that Iran would have exploited any U.S. push to interface the nuclear accord to the arrival of U.S. subjects.

Demonstrating a summon of specialized nuclear issues, Obama spent a great part of the news meeting attempting to thump down reactions of the deal point by point.

To the individuals who contend sanctions help will leave Iran flush with money to store terrorism, Obama said Tehran is as of now support Hezbollah and different gatherings for as little as possible. He noticed that the Iranian government is under weight from subjects to use any inundation of worldwide stores to enhance the nation’s battling economy.

Obama demanded authorizes on Iran could be “snapped back” set up if Iran undermines the deal, regardless of the possibility that Russia and China object. He shielded the 24-day window Iran would have before global examiners get entrance to suspicious locales, saying nuclear material “leaves a follow” and recommending the U.S. has different method for checking offices.

Barack Obama Reproved Reporter At News Conference

Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama Yesterday reproved a reporter from a noteworthy news outlet who posed a question about Americans mulling in Iranian prisons during a period when he drove an effective talk with Iran’s nuclear deal.

“The idea that I am content as I celebrate with American natives grieving in Iranian correctional facilities, Major, that is rubbish, and you ought to know not,” Obama told Major Garrett, White House reporter for CBS News who posed the question.Barack Obama

“As you surely understand, there are four Americans in Iran, three hung on exaggerated charges that, as indicated by your organization, one whereabouts obscure,” said Mr Garrett, quite a while White House reporter.

“Would you be able to tell the nation, sir, why you are content, with all the flourish around this arrangement, to leave the inner voice of this country, the quality of this country, unaccounted for in connection to these four Americans?” he inquired.

“A week ago, the director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said by no means ought to there be any alleviation for Iran as far as ballistic rockets or routine weapons. It is seen that was a spur of the moment capitulation in these arrangements. Numerous in the Pentagon feel you’ve left the director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff high out to dry. Might you be able to remark?,” Mr Garrett inquired.

“I’ve got the opportunity to give you credit, Major, for how you create those inquiries,” Mr Obama reacted.

“I’ve met with the groups of some of those people. No one’s substance. Furthermore, our representatives and our groups are working tenaciously to attempt to get them out,” he said.

“Presently, if the inquiry is the reason we didn’t attach the transactions to their discharge, consider the rationale that that makes. All of a sudden, Iran acknowledges, guess what? Possibly we can get extra concessions out of the Americans by holding these people. Makes it a great deal more troublesome for us to leave if Iran some way or another imagines that an atomic arrangement is needy in some manner on the atomic,” clarified the president.

“What’s more, on the off chance that we had left the atomic arrangement, despite everything we’d be pushing them just as difficult to get these people out.

That is the reason those issues are not joined. Be that as it may, we are working each and every day to attempt to get them out, and won’t stop until they’re out and rejoined with their families,” Mr Obama said.

The US, he contended, is not taking the weight off Iran as for arms and as for ballistic rockets.

Indian Companies Has Invested 150 Million Dollars In United States

Indian companies has invested USD 150 million in the United States. According to a statement released by the organizations the Indian industrial association (CII) and Grant Thornton (GT), 91 thousand people are getting chance to work in United States.

Indian companies those located in New Jersey, California, Texas, New York such companies have the opportunity to work directly with the Americans. The report was released in the program titled “Indian root in American soil” which was held in the capital New Delhi.

91 thousand people have got the opportunity to work for a total of 100 Indian companies. Indian companies are operating in 35 provinces of the United States. These 100 companies are invested USD 150 million in total. 9.278 people by the company in New Jersey, 8.937 people by the company in California has the opportunity to work. The maximum number of people from cities such as Texas (6,230), Illinois (4,799), New York (4,134) have the chance to get placement.

It has been invested for a maximum $38.4 million in Texas city, in Pennsylvania $35.6 million, Minnesota $18 million, 10.1 million dollar in New York and $10 million in New Jersey.

An average of 4.4 million dollars are invested in each province. In addition to the 85 percent of these companies are planning to invest more.

In the next 5 years, 90 percent of these companies has decided to give job opportunity to many local residents which means Americans.

According to the report 40 percent of companies are based on information technology, 14 percent of companies are based on Life science, 14 percent on the manufacturing sector, 4 percent of the companies are based on automobile industry.

Some of the American Parliament members also participated in the program was performed with title “The contributions of Indian companies to the US economy”, which was attended by representatives of the CII and Chief executive officers of those companies.

Gov. Walker and Wisconsin GOP retreat on open records limits

Almost all records created by state and local government officials, including bill drafts and communications with staff, would not be subject to the Wisconsin open records law under a sweeping surprise change Republicans introduced in committee Thursday as an amendment to the state budget.

“We are steadfastly committed to open and accountable government”, the statement said.

Walker’s office has said that the materials are protected under a deliberative process exemption, which is allowed in some states and is said to protect the process of developing policy. They say the plan “was never meant to inhibit transparent government in any way”.

Records that could be kept secret would be of “all aspects of legislative proceedings”, “all matters related to the policies, practices and procedures of the legislative branch”, “researching, drafting, circulating, discussing, introducing and amending legislative proposals”, “all matters related to the work of a legislative committee”, “investigations and oversight”, “constituent relations”, and “all other powers, duties, and functions assigned by law”, according to the motion.

“That is a transparently false statement”, Lueders said.

“Gov. Walker and his office are trying to muzzle all the watchdogs in this state”, said Brendan Fischer, General Counsel for the Center for Media and Democracy said.

Other Republican lawmakers joined Cowles Friday in opposing the measure passed by all 12 Republicans on the budget committee.

On Saturday, Walker did not specifically say whether he and his office were part of planning the proposed open records changes, or whether he objected to them in advance.

But, he added, “From the Republican point of view, I actually see Sanders’ strength as a positive, because I think that’s more a reflection of resistance to Hillary’s coronation than it is necessarily people getting behind Bernie Sanders per se”, he said.

Walker, a presumptive Republican presidential candidate, said he will “make changes” to the current proposal that drew harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle, including the state’s Republican attorney general.

But Erpenbach urged the committee’s majority not to pass the changes, saying the vote would solidify the committee’s legacy as one of secrecy.

At least one GOP senator said he wouldn’t vote for the 2015-17 budget if it includes the changes.

The GOP is punting, for now, on two major issues that had led to the impasse: a $500 million financing plan for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena and changes to the prevailing wage law that sets minimum salaries for construction workers on public projects. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said Wednesday that he doesn’t have the votes to get it passed yet in his chamber. “It did come from the governor, in my opinion, and a couple of legislators who obviously have something to hide”.

Walker’s proposal earlier this year to change the University of Wisconsin’s mission statement and eliminate the “Wisconsin Idea” from his state budget proposal came to light through an open records request. But those same sources emphasized they were unsure of whether such assurances had been made by the governor or by his aides.

Beth Bennett, executive director of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association, welcomed the news of the reversal and thanked open-government advocates for instigating the change.

Wisconsin budget committee moves closer to final passage | Belleville News

California Passes Mandatory Vaccination Law

Gov. Jerry Brown signed controversial legislation Tuesday that will make California one of the strictest states in requiring children to be vaccinated before attending public and private schools or day care, beginning in January.

Prior to Tuesday’s bill, parents had the option to exempt their children from vaccinations, depending on their religious beliefs.

Kaiser Permanente’s Physician in Chief said “Vaccination is a very very important public health measure because it protects our children and adults from infectious diseases”. “While it’s true no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence show that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community”.

The new law makes California just the third US state, after Mississippi and West Virginia, to completely eliminate religious and personal belief exemptions from vaccinations.

“AB 2109 was a success to ensure more students in our school system are vaccinated, and with that bill, Gov. Brown demanded an exemption which would not infringe on their Constitutional rights”, he continued.

Under the new law, only children with serious medical conditions can get an exemption and any other unvaccinated child has to be homeschooled, the AP reported. “Californians have spoken. The governor and Legislature have spoken”.

Last December, an outbreak of measles started in Disneyland and spread, infecting 150 people. The bill takes effect next year. Else, they will have to be enrolled in a home-based private school or public independent study program based off campus.

However, opponents to the legislation rallied at the state Capitol saying that the law violates their rights as parents and vowed immediately to sue the state and take the case to the voters of the state.

He accused Governor Jerry Brown of “poisoning” children with mercury and aluminium, adding: “This corporate fascist must be stopped”.

Despite lingering fears among some parents, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is clear that there is no link between vaccines and autism. SB277 was amended to allow doctors to use a family’s medical history as an evaluating factor.

Come July 2016, California parents will no longer be able to claim a “personal belief” exemption from requirements that all children in schools or daycare be immunized. Checkpoints occur in kindergarten and seventh grade.

Should vaccines be mandatory? Calif. bill sparks debate		Play Video

STAR Magazine: Rolling Stones exhibition poster banned

Uncensored artwork for the Rolling Stones ” Exhibitionism’ event at the Saatchi Gallery.

Senate leader: Bucks arena deal still open to ticket surcharge

The Senate’s Republican leader says a deal to commit public dollars to a new 0 million arena for the Milwaukee Bucks could still include a ticket surcharge. The Bucks were founded in Milwaukee in 1968 as an expansion team and won their only National Basteball Association crown three years later.

MERS update: South Korea reports 1st MERS death after eight days | Read

Taipei, July 7 (CNA) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs downgraded its travel alert for South Korea Tuesday from yellow to gray, the lowest in its four-color alert system, as the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in that country has subsided.

Head of Massachusetts State Police announces retirement

Major McKeon is a 33-year-veteran of the State Police, and now serves as Deputy Division Commander of the Division of Investigative Services.

Merkel shuns new Athens offer as hopes of deal fade

Confidence is an essential underpinning for healthy economies, which helps explain why Greece is in so much trouble right now. There was a time when Europeans appealed to their common destiny and spelt solidarity in capital letters. He said: “There have been stress tests done but there have been exemptions for some banks while others have not passed”. After calling Troika demands “unacceptable” and urging Greeks reject them with a “resounding NO” in Sunday’s plebiscite, he capitulated to most of what he previously opposed. Yet such is the pressure being exerted on the Greek people that acceptance of (or rather, resignation to) the creditors’ demands is surely likely. These profound illusions and delusions are proving a catastrophe for Europe (and beyond).